About the Blog

A Critical, Creative and Collaborative Conversation

American politicians often begin their statement of opposition to a proposal from the competing party with the phrases:  “The American people think (or don’t think)…” or, “The American people want (or don’t want)…”

The fact is that most of these political “leaders” don’t know and haven’t asked what real people think or want, and are merely converting their own narrow views into the appearance of consensus.  They stand in front of an American flag and try to promote their biases and rigid partisanship as “adherence to Constitutional principles”.

The purpose of this blog is to explore what the American people and our friends abroad actually think about this country, its constitution and how the nation’s founding principles are or are not upheld by their elected leaders.

Since 2010 I traveled through 39 states and had  real-life conversations with dozens of Americans.

I also want to know how people of other nations view the USA and our adherence to democratic principles. During that same time period I visited 19 countries and had the privilege of meeting  a wide variety of people: students, business leaders, religious leaders, academics, clerks, taxi drivers, people I met in parks and in pubs, and appellate court judges in Belgium and the Netherlands.

My hope for this blog is that it opens a channel of critical, creative and collaborative conversation about the pressing needs of the USA at home and in relation to our neighbors around the world. I want to explore what people think are the most important issues facing the world today, and their opinions about how the USA should respond to their concerns.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What are the issues on your mind regarding U.S. policies and practices at home and abroad? What do you think the pressing issues are for the USA? What do you think are the bedrock principles that this nation was built on, and how do you think we the people and our elected representatives are measuring up to them?