Trump’s “Fake News” Speaks the Truth

There is a reason President Donald J. Trump trumps up constant attacks on the nation’s leading news sources: They publish the truth about his character and his policies (or, about the lack of both). He does not have any defense against the truth other than loud, fact-obscuring attacks on the messengers, and the belief that his followers will blindly believe his disingenuous bluster.

A sample of the “fake news” reports from the last couple of weeks follows: Continue reading “Trump’s “Fake News” Speaks the Truth”

Is the Fate of the World Going Backward?

For the last couple of years it has been my privilege to serve on the President’s Council of the United Religions Initiative (URI).

The organization, as stated on the webpage, is called to be “a global interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice.” This work is carried out “by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world.”

I have had the opportunity to meet and work with URI leaders and participants in India, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA. My current project is bringing together millennials and elders with a focus on global peace. We held our first retreat at a center near Brugge, Belgium and I have hopes a global movement will grow out of our nascent community. Continue reading “Is the Fate of the World Going Backward?”

Responding to Trump’s Hateful Politics

I am flummoxed by the rapid descent of American politics into incomprehensible absurdity. My instinct is to lash out against the words and antics of our president and his followers. However, while doing so might make me feel briefly better, it would accomplish nothing but the addition of more flammable vitriol to the already flaming fires of division.

Furthermore, fighting President Trump doesn’t change my focus from what I am against to what I am for. It keeps Trump’s vision and Trump’s idea of America at center stage.

His talking points need to be replaced by a common, positive vision of a progressive and equitable America. Continue reading “Responding to Trump’s Hateful Politics”

Skimming the News: Random Tidbits, Thoughts and Ideas

Unintended Consequences that Should Have Been Foreseen

One of Donald Trump’s signature campaign issues was foreign trade. He explored the issue with nothing more than populist hype, either not caring about the consequences that implementing his promises might bring, or simply not understanding the complexities of the issue. Two stories, one from Politico and one from The Guardian, highlight those potential consequences.

Politico reported today that “In moves that strike hard at President Donald Trump’s rural base, the 11 other nations that participated in the now-defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership are pursuing 27 separate negotiations aimed at undercutting U.S. exporters, according to a POLITICO analysis. Continue reading “Skimming the News: Random Tidbits, Thoughts and Ideas”

Hiroshima Revisited

IMG_0446 Kennon and I visited Hiroshima on the front end of my 2010 international trip, and I posted the following story. Sunday, August 6 is the anniversary of the bombing that devastated the city and killed approximately 200,000 people.  This article is reprinted here as a reminder.

Our day in Hiroshima was enlightening, but difficult.  The Peace Park and the Peace Museum are reminders of the violence that lurks in the hearts of (mostly) men, and serve as warnings about the ultimate fruits of war.

The first sight to greet Kennon and me as we entered the park was the skeleton of a multi-story building and its once-famous dome. When America’s atom bomb exploded 1900 feet in the air, the building’s inner structure instantly collapsed and burned, incinerating everyone inside. Continue reading “Hiroshima Revisited”