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October 3, 2010…. “This work is not precisely in anyone’s camp; in writing it I did not mean to either serve or contest any party; I undertook to see not differently, but further than the parties; and while they are occupied with the next day, I wanted to ponder the future.” Alexis de Tocqueville,  Democracy in America

My political, social and theological views are liberal but not dogmatic. I believe our democracy functions best when leaders of different political and social views think critically together in search of the nation’s best interest, rather than the interests of a political party or ideology.

But, like others, I sometimes get caught up in the passion of American political battles today and lose sight of the importance of seeking consensus through civil conversation.

My fondest desire forAmerican politics today is that I can help open a channel of creative and collaborative conversation about the pressing needs of the USA at home, and in our relationship to neighbors around the world.

I want, as Tocqueville wrote, to see further, to ponder the future of my country and the world, and to move beyond the bitterly divisive politics of America today.

I invite you to browse this blog today and read my posts on American politics and learn more about my ongoing projects.


Bill Jamieson

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