Trump’s “Fake News” Speaks the Truth

There is a reason President Donald J. Trump trumps up constant attacks on the nation’s leading news sources: They publish the truth about his character and his policies (or, about the lack of both). He does not have any defense against the truth other than loud, fact-obscuring attacks on the messengers, and the belief that his followers will blindly believe his disingenuous bluster.

A sample of the “fake news” reports from the last couple of weeks follows:

Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times

“The New York Times and the Washington Post have separately tallied Trump’s lies, with the Post calculating that he has now made more than 1,000 misleading statements since assuming the presidency. That’s a grueling pace of almost five a day and it is accelerating. This prevarication proliferation is an indication that John F. Kelly is unable to rein in Trump, and the problem was not Steve Bannon but the president himself.”

 Joe Biden in The Atlantic

“Today we have an American president who has publicly proclaimed a moral        equivalency between neo-Nazis and Klansmen and those who would oppose their      venom and hate. We have an American president who has emboldened white supremacists with messages of comfort and support.

“This is a moment for this nation to declare what the president can’t with any clarity, consistency, or conviction: There is no place for these hate groups in America. Hatred of blacks, Jews, immigrants—all who are seen as ‘the other’—won’t be accepted or tolerated or given safe harbor anywhere in this nation.”

The Arizona Republic Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Arizona Republic published this reaction to President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “This erases any doubt about whether Trump meant to empower…the immigration hardliners and nationalists in Trump’s base.

“Arpaio is their darling…Arpaio is now back on his pedestal thanks to their president…By pardoning Arpaio, Trump made it clear that institutional racism is not just OK with him. It is a goal. That should trouble every American who believes that our duty as a nation is to continue working on behalf of equal justice.’”

The Washington Post Editorial Board

“Tuesday (August 15) was a great day for David Duke and racists everywhere. The president of the United States all but declared that he has their backs.”

Rosie Gray in The Atlantic

“White nationalist and alt-right activists are cheering President Trump for defending white-nationalist protesters… ‘We are really proud of him’ the alt-right leader Richard Spencer said in a text message.”

Matthew Lee of The Associated Press in The Washington Post

“Vladimir Putin is more trusted than Donald Trump to do the right thing for the world among citizens of numerous U.S. allies, including Japan, South Korea and seven European NATO Members,” according to a Pew Research Center poll.

The Economist

By an overwhelming bipartisan vote in both houses, Congress took away President Trump’s power to overturn sanctions on Russia without its approval. In response to the legislation The Economist stated, “The Republican majority in Congress has, in essence, declared that it does not trust a president from its own party to serve the national interest when it comes to dealing with Russia.”

Dana Milbank in The Washington Post

“The nationalist-turned presidential adviser Stephen. K. Bannon used to say that the publishing outfit he led, Breitbart, was a ‘platform for the alt-right,’ a euphemism for white nationalists and related far-right extremists. But now there is a new platform for the alt-right: The White House.”