The Idea of America (the book)


The Idea of America: Are the Principles Eroding or Enduring?

by Bill Jamieson

“The Idea of America” offers a message of hope from a granddaddy to his grandchildren. It expresses both pride and frustration in the work of his generation, and challenges all of us to stand resolute in our daily efforts to improve upon our successes and transform our failures.

This work opens a channel for creative and collaborative conversation about the pressing needs of the USA at home and in our relations with neighbors around the world.

About the Author

Bill Jamieson’s career has included leadership positions in business, government, religion and education. He currently serves as president of the Micah Institute, a non-profit organization focused on prayer and prophetic action. Bill resides in Asheville, North Carolina.

What others have said about the book

“The single most unique aspect of the book is its emphasis on relating the interviews he has conducted with people at every level. They are very revealing about the America we thought we knew. His recreation of Steinbeck’s Travels With Charlie, in a camper van with Amos, his four-legged companion, offers a refreshing view of the United States from within. This book could have probably been much longer, and included more interviews, but it achieves its purpose in calling attention to what we need to do as a country to resume our non-exceptionalist role as a leader on the world stage.” ~ Thomas J. Lindell

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